Emoji-Instructions: Emmett Kai – Baby Hits!(🚼🤜🤜)

Problem: How can I pimp my blog? Maybe there was too much thinking and writing and not coming to the point (MUSIC!) going on? Maybe some brave readers skipped to instagram and Netflix while reading, or even felt the immediate urge to give their siblings a call? Solution: Many of you asked for an English version. Well, that never happened, but why not give it a try!? Plus I have a really fancy idea to make things more „2019“! So here’s my latest album recommendation. English Version. 2.0 Style!

„Emoji-Instructions“: Emmett Kai’s first album „Baby Hits!“

Music Genres: Dream Pop, Surf Pop, Wave, Lo Fi, Soul, 80s Synthie Pop

Sounds Like: 25% Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, 25% Passion Pit, 20% The Cure, 20% Joan, 10% MGMT

Notes: Though its dark approach it will make you feel delighted. And the bass player is a funky one! Don’t judge after 1st listen, it’s a grower!!

Smart Aleck: It could have been a great soundtrack for „Virgin Suicides“ as well. And the album captures the sunny beach feeling of L.A. and the urban, slightly despicable vibe of New York.

Comes From: 🇺🇸, originally from California, now Emmett Kai lives in Brooklyn/New York.

Looks Like: Stereo Mc’s Rob Birch’s son

You Should Be Into: 🤓,🌊,🗽

Suitable Associations:🌛, 🌱, 👓

Makes You Feel Like: 🌈, 🚬, 🗣

Matching Weather: 🌤

Appropriate Occasions: 🎠,🌉,✈

Don’t Listen While: 👾,🏋️‍♀️,♟️

Enjoy Alongside:🦄,🍝,🏓

Associated Activities: 🏄‍♂️,🎥, ⛸

Hipster’s 1st Thought: 🛴

Your Tinder Date’s Reaction: 🥑

U Didn’t Get It If Feeling Like:🛍,🏃🏼‍♀️,🤟🏽

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